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1st Aug 2021 by Mary Bello

🌸 Happy Sunday, sweet loves 🌸

Wanted to share a lovely exercise that can easily slot into your morning ritual.

Kundalini movement is incorporated into a lot of The Harmony Space healing sessions. Kundalini movement helps you to release energetic blockages, allowing for the free flow of energy and it prepares the body to receive the magic of sound. It’s also a brilliant way to start the day or great as a pre meditation exercise.

✨ The pose being held here is known as the ego eradicator. It helps to neutralise the mind and stimulate your chakras from the solar plexus all the way up to your crown. And it utilises the breath of fire, an energising form of pranayama which helps to oxygenate the brain and body, plus strengthens the solar plexus, nervous and immune systems.

✨ Sit in half lotus, curl your finger tips into the pads of your hands.

✨ Close your eyes and hold your arms up at 60 degree angles.

✨ Do the breath of fire (breathing in and out quickly through your nose allowing your belly to inflate as you breathe in and pulling in your naval as you breathe out). Continue for 1-3 mins

✨ When you finish, inhale bringing your arms together above your head and then breathe out, allowing your arms to stretch down on both sides.

✨ Give your body a little shake and

S M I L E.



28th Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

School's Out!

‘May we allow our children the space to be in awe and wonder of the world endlessly. May we remember to look upon them as magical, unlimited and light filled.’

It’s such an honour introducing children to the joys of sound healing…I love how free their hearts are towards everything, willing to embrace the new with excitement and openness.

It’s so important for children to learn early on that all of their feelings matter. They should feel safe to express all moods and modes, knowing that they will always come back to that beautiful joyous centre of who they are. Sound healing is a wonderful thing to introduce to children at an early age. There’s a real poetry in equipping them with the tools for self care the way we equip them with academic learning.

Research shows that Sound Healing helps children:

✨learn how to self regulate, boosts feelings of belonging and instils calm.

✨ improve creativity, concentration and the capacity for learning

✨increase their levels of oxytocin, the happy love hormone

✨ improve sleep

✨ increase feelings of empathy

✨ boost levels of confidence

✨ unlock and release emotional trauma

✨ with autism by reducing stress, muscular spasms and increasing physical awareness.

The Harmony Space has a full programme of workshops for children that will be available to schools from September 2021. We’re also able to provide one to one 30 minute sound sessions to children from the age of five, contact us to find out more.

26th Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Note D and your solar plexus

Lead from the heart and it’ll all fall into place…

Note D is a sound that soothes your solar plexus, the third chakra and last of the matter chakras. It’s the centre of your confidence, the belief that you’re enough and that everything you need is within.

✨ May you trust in your process

✨ May you be rooted in your self liberation

✨ May you be open to receiving all that is meant for you

✨ May you grow through that which you go through

✨ May you know that you are enough

23rd Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Moon in Aquarius

🌕 Tonight the full moon rests in Aquarius and is squaring up to Saturn 🪐 the planet of longevity and lessons and the traditional ruler of this air sign. This moon, set old ways free. You may have been feeling like particular goals, ideals and pathways aren’t inline with who you are anymore but you’re still holding them, struggling to let go. Make a promise to yourself to shed what doesn’t serve because airy Aquarius doesn’t want to be weighed down, it needs to be unencumbered and move ever forward. The symbolic water bearer is releasing things that don’t fit, emotions and social constructs it doesn’t need to hold onto any longer. It pushes our collective human consciousness forward. It’s OK to let go, loves.

🌕 Quirky, weird and beautiful, Aquarius is unconfined and marches to the beat of its own drum. It wants to impact society and doesn’t mind people thinking their ideas are a little left field…the greatest geniuses were often mocked until everyone else realised the very notion they put forward was brilliant. Journal about what changes you’d like to welcome in and the areas of your life you’d like to up level. How would you like to make an impact within your world?

🌬Release…Aquarius lives in its head, always thinking about the bigger picture….sometimes to the point where it’s not thinking about those it’s closest to. If you’ve been too cerebral it’s a good moment to release overthinking…pay attention to those you love.

🌬Release…limiting beliefs.

🌕 Be grateful for all the lessons you’ve learned over the past month.

🌕 If your sun, rising or moon fall in this sign, you’ll feel its effects a little deeper. You’ll also feel it more intensely if any of your planets fall into Aquarius as you’ll be seasoned with that gorgeously esoteric Aquarian flavour.

💙 If you don’t know whether you have Aquarius on your chart, find out more about an Astrology Consultation here

23rd Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Leo season is here

✨Leo season has hit, my loves. It’s all about big, bold King/Queen energy in the most benevolent sense. Leo’s love the spotlight but they also love to shine it on others. They want to hype you as much as they naturally hype themselves, so big up the people you love to the Nth degree!

✨Feel into your greatness, remind yourself that it’s OK to stand up and stand out. Do the things that you love, that are uniquely you, unapologetically. The lion representation of Leo exudes regality but also a playful essence, like lion cubs frolicking in the wild. Let your inner child run free, play tag with your friends and cute pranks on your bae. When you’re in the park, kick off your shoes, close your eyes and dance to a song that you love – bare foot & connecting with that good earth energy, hands and head high! Restrictions have eased up and we’re free to go out, so when you do, wear bright yellow, gold and sienna hues.

✨ Leo is connected to the crown chakra so boost it by saying affirmations around your interconnectedness with life, how you are walking in your higher power and that you let go of limiting beliefs. Remind yourself that you are enough. Invest in amethyst, selenite and spirit quartz. Spend time in the sun. Soak in those sweet joyful rays whether in the midst of work, rest or play.

16th Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Moon in Libra

The moon is doing her dance in Libra for the next few days and that placement is all about romance and relationships, partnerships and harmony…

whisper cute, naughty things in your lover’s ear, be a social butterfly, reach out to that ex you want to be friends with & navigate tricky waters around relationships in the workplace by having a peaceful convo ✌🏾 ☮️

Feel into the luxurious Venusian vibes and remember you are a beautiful, sexy, harmonious soul, in control of your actions and reactions, capable of feeling into balance, always 🌺 🌙 ✨

11th Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Crystal Harp 💖

This ethereal crystal harp plays at 432hz, the frequency of nature 🌿🌱🎶 Instruments at this frequency, 8hz slower than the standard 440hz of modern music, allow for you to fall into an effortlessly peaceful meditative state, activating healing theta brainwaves which allow us to tap into a deep state of rest, boosting happy hormones like dopamine and reducing oxidative stress.

The pure #vibrations emitted by the sound enable deep physical, emotional and energetic healing – this is one of #soundhealing’s super powers 💖

Sound Healing is a wonderfully dreamy tool to introduce as a self care go to. You deserve more peace, more balance and an increased level of well-being.

10th Jul 2021 by Mary Bello

Happy new moon in Cancer 💕

As the moon builds in this dreamiest of water signs, it’s a beautiful time for you to set intentions around family and the home as Cancer is the archetype of the fourth house – all things familial and domestic.

The moon’s domicile, Cancer also represents the Divine Feminine, she’s the nurturer, the sign that holds you close and gives you the comfort you crave. Lean into her and your vulnerability. You may feel an urge to talk to your mother, to spend time with children in your life, to reach out to those friends you see as family and to hold your lover close. Fold into those yearnings, your heart will reap the benefits.

As well as reaching out, she wants you to maintain healthy boundaries to protect your emotional health. Strike balance by going within. Are you filling up your cup before you tend to others? Spend time meditating, practising gentle yoga and walking in nature. Bathe in natural water sources if you can. If there are no accessible places for you to swim, draw a deep luxurious bath, laced with rose petals and warming, uplifting cinnamon oil. Cook yourself nourishing meals, buy yourself all the peonies and hydrangeas you can fold into your arms. And when you’re feeling abundant, love on those close to you in anyway you can.

Cancer is a true child of the cosmos and the otherworldly. Keep a dream journal. Say affirmations when you are in that liminal space between sleep and wakefulness – just before you drop off or when you first open your eyes after slumber. Trust the whispers of your soul and the wisdom of your heart ✨ 💛 ❤️ 💖