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7th Jun 2022 by Mary Bello

Tuning Forks ⑂

I’ve been working with tuning forks quite a bit recently and wanted to share a post on them. They are one of my favourite modes of sound therapy.

They have an instant soothing effect on our nervous system and help to bring the body into homeostasis – the state of steady internal, physical and chemical processes within the body.
Maintaining the correct homeostatic balance is vital to health as it prevents dis-ease.

Tuning Fork therapy works a lot like acupuncture. The fork is tapped, creating a gentle sound and sustained vibration, then it’s placed on key points along the body that correspond with easing different symptoms or ailments. I often opt for Tuning Fork therapy with those who are struggling with sleep issues, something that affects most of us at some point in our lives.

To ease insomnia, I work on points 90, 105 and 28 – the centre of your forehead, the top of your crown and the side of your lower leg. This sweet formation enables your body to relax, soothes your mind, slows your brainwaves to the delicious delta or alpha speed which encourages deeper sleep at night, better concentration in the day, a reduction in brain fog & homeostatic regulation.

I’m holding a 128Hz fork here. This is known as a Master Fork as it’s inline with the Hz of a human heartbeat. It’s also the Hz measured in healers when we work.


21st Apr 2022 by Mary Bello

Aries Has Entered the Chat ♈️

Hello beautiful souls! As we leave energetic and ego focused Aries Season, heading into the slower, indulgence driven Taurean phase of the astrological calendar, I just wanted to share some words on the glorious medicine that we can take from Aries.

Aries is all about going after what you want, putting yourself first and being unapologetically you – no holds barred. If you’ve incarnated as an Aries or with strong Aries energy in your birth chart, you were put here to really focus on your needs because your ancestral lineage/past life experience wouldn’t have allowed for the space to do that. You’re here to learn about the beauty that selfishness can give – a life full of following your desires and expressing yourself fully. Aries is the spark of the zodiac. A wild child running free unaffected by the world, the opinions of others or what society deems proper.
And that beautiful Aries spark is ignited in all of us as we move from Spring to Summer. We are beckoned to be more passionate, deliciously impulsive and active as the weather turns warmer, to be bold and stand out.

We’re often taught that ego is a bad thing but it’s not. Ego teaches us self love, paving the way towards self actualisation and self mastery. It allows us to live in our light. The key is remembering that once we fully love ourselves we can show others how to do the same, through living in our truth and being our fully lit up selves with family & friends and through work & wider social connections.

I love this season because it brings me into balance. I’m a Libra sun and so often think about harmony and the needs of others that I forget to put myself first or, spend so much time thinking that I’m not doing. So Aries season saw me living life energetically, trying things like zip lining and dancing on stage in front of 100s of people and feeling my own damn sauce!

So here’s to the lessons and blessings Aries Season brought. To living authentically from the heart. To standing out. To selfies. To letting your light shine in abundance.

2nd Mar 2022 by Mary Bello

Pisces Season is Here 🐟

Happy March, my loves ❤️

The sun is at 8 degrees of Pisces and this sign marks the end of the Astrological calendar and a period of connecting deeply to the divine & other worldly.

Mutable & yin, Pisces is the dreamer of the zodiac. It wants to cross all boundaries, kiss all wounds and heal all hurts.
Pisces reminds us of interconnectedness, that we are never truly alone and that the universe, a higher power and the collective, is always there, supporting us.

Of all the signs it’s the most connected to the divine, making a Pisces native endlessly creative, intuitive, loving and empathetic. They are natural healers, a magnet for those who need help or seek solace (especially those with a Pisces moon). Because they carry all of the empowered and shadow elements of the preceding 11 zodiac signs, these sweet water babies find it easy to understand the broad spectrum of the human condition. And with their rose tinted dreaminess, they never want to say no to a lost soul in need, even if the situation is to their detriment.
This healing ability and innate desire to help means it’s important for a Pisces to spend time alone – don’t be offended if your Piscean friend or lover disappears for a while – it’s vital for them to recharge…

Pisces, much like Libra, is here to teach us lessons about compassion – something the world truly needs at the moment. This is a season to be there for those you’re close to. If someone you love is sharing a problem, ask if they just need you to listen or whether they’re seeking advice…

With a compassionate heart it’s important to always maintain healthy boundaries. Don’t deplete yourself to fill up the cups of others and if someone is mistaking your kindness for weakness, a healthy emotional distance is key. Boundaries can be oh-so-beautiful.

When empowered Pisces is a muse, embodying a rich and vivid imagination capable of birthing great art and weaving magic within society.

How can you bring this type of mystical joy alive in your world?

26th Jan 2022 by Mary Bello

Aquarius Season

Can you feel it in the air?


That wild maverick energy calling you to live in your authenticity?

That’s Aquarius Season’s siren song.

Welcome to the wonderfully weird world of the penultimate zodiac sign.
Aquarius is yang, air & fixed – so it’s a thinker and a doer that doesn’t want to be fenced in and harbours a deep desire to push humanity forward.
Deeply intellectual in an esoteric way, the Aquarian is researching today what we’ll be doing tomorrow. And over the next four weeks emotions take a back seat to being pragmatic, ruling with logic before we slip into the dreamy feels of Pisces.

Questions to think about if you want to embody the Aquarian edge…

✨ Where do I let go of my true beliefs in order to please others?

✨ How can I shift the paradigms of what it is to be human, shaking up those pesky social constructs & societal norms that keep me boxed in and growth fenced out?

Aquarians constantly ask, how can we do better? Be better? Think protesters, disrupters, innovators – those who don’t mind leading the pack and coming off a little left field until the world catches up with them.

This energy pulls away from thinking about ‘self’ towards the cause of others and pushing the collective human consciousness forward. Go ego free this season.

Uranus, the planet of change and the unexpected, rules Aquarius and it calls for a review of what’s mundane. Check in on what needs to be shed in order for you to show up more authentically. This can sometimes cause discomfort but from that discomfort, beautiful beginnings beckon.

It’s a wonderful time to be sociable as Aquarians are connectors – they keep their circle wide, easing up on their intensity when it comes to friendship and curating get togethers that become stories of legend.

Aquarius is connected to the third eye chakra which is all about trusting our intuition, so focus on that point whilst meditating. Crystals to work with are those with indigo hues like sodalite & lapis lazuli.

23rd Dec 2021 by Mary Bello

Where my Caps at?

The stoic, focused, energy of Capricorn ushers in a more serious air after the hedonistic days of Sagittarius Season. Because there’s a time for work and a time for play, right?

✨ A grounded, earth modality that’s emotionally steady and full of boss vibes, this sign is often mistaken as masculine but it’s yin. Feminine with an edge. Capricorns have come here to be an authority in this lifetime and their sense of well-being increases when they do things that yield self respect.

✨ Capricorn is ruled by Saturn – the planet of karmic lessons and restriction. It’s the planet that wants you to stay on the right track, working towards your purpose but it also wants you to understand that it may take a while for your masterpiece to be completed – the process isn’t to be rushed. This season is a good time to start sowing those seeds you want to bloom next year – planning and preparation are your besties right now.

✨ Capricorn is symbolised by the Seagoat – where intelligence and creation collide. The Seagoat has two feet on solid ground and its tail in the magic of water. This depiction speaks to Capricorn’s ability to turn dreams and passions into fully fledged tangible realities.

✨ Having a Cap in your life is so necessary because they’re reliable, calm in the face of crisis and refreshingly honest. Being Cardinal in modality they’re natural leaders, so they’ll be the ones booking group holidays, setting Christmas Day schedules and remembering all the birthdays.

✨ Capricorns are old karmic souls, they incarnate with ancestral lineage to clean up. To do the work of being fearless and determined in the pursuit of greatness and goals. Capricorn does this to a fault because they’re adept at taking pain in the metaphorical sense – working hard (often alone) and pushing themselves to the limit whilst delaying any sort gratification or pleasure until they’ve surpassed their ambitions.

This means that in shadow, Caps are too hard on themselves. They want to problem solve, not get caught up in feels. And they’re the last to share their problems. If you’re a Cap or you’re feeling that almost masochist martyr energy over the next four weeks, lean into the traits of Cancer. Let people know what’s on your mind, set aside time for cuddling up on the sofa with a loved one, watching reruns of a sitcom you love or sinking into an hour long soak in the tub, candles lit, jazz coming out of your speakers. This is especially crucial if your moon or rising sign falls in Capricorn.

15th Nov 2021 by Mary Bello

Brown Goddess Healing

On Saturday, as the sky moved from the low light of the afternoon through to dusk, a group of women gathered to lean into wisdom of old, to listen to their bodies and tune into their power. Words were shared and intention woven into every moment. There was self enquiry, journaling and the discovery of medicine within our script. We worked on methods of reparenting and the magic of leaning into our intuition. We connected to our breath, sharing in the glorious alchemy of sound healing, chakra activation and soul movement. All of this led to a homecoming, a returning to ourselves and a deepening of the understanding that everything you need is within – joy, peace and an endless capacity for love amongst so many other wonderful things.

I’m thankful to the glorious tribe who joined me for the Brown Goddess Healing workshop to carve out a true moment of radical rest + self care for themselves. I can’t wait to hold space again for anyone who wants to be seen + held, to be heard + to heal. 💗 💗 💗

4th Nov 2021 by Mary Bello

New Moon in Scorpio 🦂

Happy New Moon in Scorpio, my loves.

Tonight’s new moon is regenerative and intense. It asks us to shed what doesn’t serve, get comfortable with the uncomfortable and to know that we can start anew at any moment. A lack of fear in the face of vulnerability, resilience and a sense of belief in ourselves is key. Let go of the previous month’s hurts and leap into November with arms open wide, ready to embrace all of the good it has to offer.

Some beautiful rituals for all under this New Moon…

🌙 Detox negative feelings – especially jealousy and anger over the misdeeds of others – so you can take steps towards inner peace. Forgiving hurts doesn’t mean forgetting but it does release any hold they have over you. Feel them, write about them and let them go!

🌙 Journal about the seeds you want to sow as we transition from Autumn to Winter, with a blossoming in mind for Spring. Little steps now will pay dividends later.

🌙 Get deep and have a vulnerable discussion with someone you trust.

🌙 Wrap up warm and try a ten minute walking meditation. Count the steps as you breathe in and then the number of steps taken as you breathe out.

🌙 Get sexy. Get a little naughty. Enjoy the ride.

🌙 Affirmations for this month:

‘I let go’

‘I trust’

‘I now release my fears’

💗 💗 💗

1st Nov 2021 by Mary Bello

Brown Goddess Healing Event

Happy New Month, my loves 💕

With a desire to carry the energy of #BHM beyond October, I’m so excited to share that I will be holding a healing workshop for women of Black heritage, ‘Brown Goddess Healing’, on Saturday November 13 from 3pm at the gorgeous @theyogaspacelondon
🧘🏾‍♀️ 💗 🌸

This will be a beautifully soul soothing three-hour journey of deep love, curated for gathering, connection, healing and uplifting.

I’m really passionate about the act of taking care of your health holistically and feel that it’s important to make it accessible for all. For years, a running dialogue I’ve encountered with other Black women was that they haven’t felt wholly comfortable in spiritual or healing spaces, whether that’s at workshops, classes or retreats because they’ve felt othered. When I started The Harmony Space I wanted to help change that narrative. With this in mind, ‘Brown Goddess Healing’ is a safe space for brown skinned girls to talk freely about the issues that we face, where I’ll be providing teaching and tools that I have studied over the past decade to aid in healing physically, emotionally and spiritually from the things that we carry.

The workshop will include:

💫 An introduction to breathwork, where you’ll learn how to utilise the breath to calm the mind, promote emotional and physical healing & nervous system regulation.

💫 A discussion on generational trauma and how to begin the healing process

💫 Awakening rituals

💫 A Goddess Circle to enable deep self reflection, sharing and radical rest

💫 An introduction to the science and magic of sound healing plus a luxurious sound bath session

💫 Vocal chakra activation and guided soul movement

You will leave with your vibration raised, your soul nourished and your mind fed.

Beautiful sisters, if you feel called to this moment because you want to connect with like minded women, because you want to carve out a moment of joy, because you want to gather up some self love, because you’re looking for a space to heal or maybe you’re just curious, click the link in my bio for tickets. Love and Light 💕💕💕💕

25th Oct 2021 by Mary Bello

Scorpio Season 🦂

The Sun has moved into the first few degrees of Scorpio. Hello transformation, regeneration and radical vulnerability… 🦂 ♏️

Gorgeously deep and often misunderstood, Scorpio season invites you to embrace your shadows and step into the necessity of ego death.

She is yang, water and fixed. So although Mars ruled, which symbolises passion and pace, Scorpio wants to feel all the feels deeply and not rush through the process of healing – all with that quintessential Scorpio control in place.

The next four weeks serve as the perfect time to dig deep, to examine the story behind hurts of the past – what did those moments teach you? How did they help you grow? And how can you move forward with forgiveness and acceptance? Detoxing difficult emotions is Scorpio’s passion project.

✨This is a courageous sign. Its true imagery is found in the Phoenix rising from the ashes. Pain may come & you may give your power away at times but that can always be recognised. That recognition can be built into a fearlessness which finds you putting yourself first, rising more resplendent than before, with immense soul growth.

✨ Scorpios have a natural intuition. Read the room. Trust your gut and respect the whispers of your heart.

✨ Get intense. If there’s something you’re passionate about, pursue it as vastly and deeply as you can. Scorpio urges us to penetrate the world of that which sparks interest.

✨ This sweet water baby is here to dive into the depths of the human condition and shed light on things unsaid which dance in the shadows. Have real conversations that allow you to get to know those your care about on a deeper plane.

✨ When disempowered, Scorpio energy holds grudges and deep jealousy. Focus on validating difficult feelings. Sit with them and see how they show up for you in your body, in your words and reactions. Then do the work to let them go – journal, meditate, breathe, move your body, lean into rituals of release. These feelings do not own you.

7th Oct 2021 by Mary Bello

New Moon in Libra

Headphones in, breathe with me and have a mini meditation moment ❤️

We have a sweet new moon in Libra and the major theme is relationships. I wanted to share a mini meditation and visualisation on the theme of self love because the relationship you have with yourself is so key.

It’s everyone’s birthright to feel a deep sense of self love. When we truly love ourselves, this energy flows out into the world.

Love connects, love brings peace, love brings hope.

So breathe with me, then close your eyes and nourish your soul while listening to the sounds of Note F which corresponds with the most important of our chakras – the heart chakra.

✨You are love
✨You love
✨You are loved

Sending an abundance of love your way ❤️