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Book a Birth Chart Reading

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  • 75-min astrology consultation
  • £ 120 session
    • £ 120 session

    Let’s go deep and discover your astro blueprint.

    Led through a beautiful mystic astrology lens, this reading will open up the mysteries of your chart allowing you to meet yourself.

    You’ll discover your natural gifts, soul’s purpose, relationship style, ideal career, potential challenges, how to navigate them and so much more.

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  • 30-min express consultation
  • £ 70 treatment
    • £ 60 session

    This is a mini birth chart reading.

    During the reading you’ll gain an overview of your astrological blueprint, giving you an understanding of your innate nature.

    You’ll understand how to navigate challenges and learn how to live in alignment with your highest self.

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  • 60-min progressed chart & solar return package
  • £ 30 treatment
    • £ 100 session

    For those who have already had a birth chart reading.

    This session takes us to a deeper level, taking a look at what’s coming up for you, examining current astrological energy and discovering how this can aid your soul growth and personal development.

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  • 75-min love & relationship reading
  • £ 60 treatment
    • £ 120 session

    Using synastry and composite charts, you’ll discover how you and your partner can support each other and grow as a unit.

    This reading unearths all of the gold you bring into each other’s world and also how you function as a couple.

    We’ll go through the areas you have for growth and we’ll discuss solutions to challenges, gaining wonderful insight on how to show up for your partner.