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29th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

Mercury, a Retrograde Story

Keep calm, it’s Retrograde Season ❤️

Mercury Retrograde has an impact on communication, travel, short trips and shipping/cars (petrol problems & the lack of HGV drivers 🥺).

This is a great time to move gently and with intention. Ease off making big decisions, go inwards and revisit past plans, passions and interests you’ve let fall by the wayside.

Take a beat and watch this video…learn a little about Mercury and find out how to book a birth chart reading with me 💕

24th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

⚖️ Libra Season ⚖️

🌺 Light, airy Libra season has landed, loves

✨ The archetype of love, harmony and relationships – it’s all about gorgeous aesthetics, spreading joy and luxurious Venusian vibes.

✨ Even though Libra is ruled by soft, loving Venus it’s yang (masculine) & has a cardinal modality. This means there’s leadership & ‘go out into the world & get things started’ energy within.

✨ This season wants you to go ego free. Libra is the first sign which looks at the self and other – hence the energy of diplomacy and balance that is often attributed to Libra. When faced with a story that differs to yours, the musings to hold near are…”What’s their perspective?” “What’s their lived experience?” “I don’t understand but still I stand.”

✨ Turn a lens on your connections. Our relationships can be wonderful teachers. What lessons are your loves, closest friends and colleagues giving to you? Revel in the things about you that draw people in and use the mirror of others to bravely look at what you can shed.

✨ Be a social butterfly, get flirty and whisper sweet nothings in the ear of your beloved. This season laces your words with honey.

✨ Pull people into your peace even when there’s chaos all around.

✨ Libra in shadow is sometimes diplomatic to a fault. If something needs to be said for the greater good or for you to maintain your personal peace…even if it’s uncomfortable – let it flow. The temporary discomfort will ultimately lead to genuine harmony. The same goes for people pleasing too – it’s OK to say no.

✨ The chakra connected to Libra is the heart chakra. Located at the centre of the breastbone, its modality is one of self love which enables you to extend that love outwards to all you meet. Lay rose quartz, kunzite or green amazonite on your chest when meditating lying down or when you’re doing yoga nidra. Remind yourself that you are love.

✨ Libra rules the skin and kidneys, so while you’re being kind don’t forget to drink your water.

17th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

🌬 Wind Chimes

The first introduction to a sound healing instrument that many of us have (other than voice) is wind chimes. I remember when I was young being enchanted by the way they would move in the breeze, sunbeams reflected, making light dance across paving stones and on leaves. The delicate sound that played was so angelic to little me.

They have a wonderful resonance and low Hz, giving them a vibration in line with nature that helps to release energetic blockages within. Hearing them helps us connect to and commune with our inner child, bringing to mind that carefree wavelength that we so unabashedly ride when we’re young. They remind me of endless summers full of soft serve ice cream, daisy chains, hop scotch and double dutch 💕 ✨ 💛

Returning to a time when we were young and communing with who we were is so important on the path to healing.

When we take ourselves back through sound we can offer up love & comfort to our inner child ❤️

13th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

🌺 Happy New Week, Loves 🌺

I wanted to share a little breathwork exercise with you, known as the Relaxation Breath, so that you can show yourself some love today 💕

It’s a wonderful exercise to do before bed or when you just want to invite a moment of stillness into your day.

This technique allows you to calm your nervous system, switching on the parasympathetic system & placing you into ‘rest and digest’ mode. It slows your thoughts and reduces stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline within the body, making for a happy heart, body and mind.

Relaxation Breath

✨ Breathe out through your mouth, making a whooshing sound, fully emptying your lungs

✨ Breath in for four seconds through your nose, hold for seven seconds and then breathe out long and slow for eight seconds

✨ Repeat second step for 1-3 minutes

May this week bring you moments of joy, both big and small.

Trust in your growth, trust in your healing, trust in your process 🌱 ❤️

11th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

Venus enters Scorpio

Yesterday sweet, sensual Venus ~ the planet of love, harmony and affection ~ entered the deep, sultry waters of Scorpio.

The vibe of this placement invites love and relationships to take on a real intense, passionate edge. It welcomes your vulnerability and it can be so beautifully supportive for growth within a partnership 🌹

✨ Scorpio is unafraid of the ego death, something that makes the sign so powerful – it’s the archetype that fearlessly faces shadows & embraces rebirth.

✨ In it’s light, Scorpio energy is beautifully raw and walks in its own truth. In shadow, Scorpio can be controlling & jealous, motivated by selfish desires. In love are you operating from an empowered state or one of fear?

✨ If there have been things brewing that you wish to go over openly with your partner, now is a brilliant time to get the conversation started. Equanimity and embracing your partner’s perspective is key. Respect their truth and be open to the whys of their narrative.

✨ If you’re single you can use this time to work through old wounds. Looking at your romantic history, and what you do and do not want. Release past hurts by journaling about your ex, documenting what happened and that you’re ready to forgive and let go. Write a letter to your future partner being open about your needs, what you’ve been through and how you’d like to grow with them, creating a loving safe container that’ll give each other the room to up-level emotionally and heal wounds from the past.

✨ Scorpio energy can be a little mischievous when bored. Explore this in a safe, loving way. Get curious about kinks & seduction, get flirty, get all the aphrodisiacs in your arsenal at the ready.

✨ Try not to not to be too obsessive or intense. Your love should be important but they shouldn’t consume you.

Remember, your vulnerability is a superpower, my love. Be fearless in the face of your unfolding and your softness.

Image by the wonderful @xuebing.du

6th Sep 2021 by Mary Bello

✨ Gong Girl ✨

Such an honour leading an hour of sound healing, meditation and connection at The Yoga Space London

There’s a real magic with sound healing, the music acts as an anchor for your mind, bringing you to a space of peace. Along with breathwork and voice guidance, you’re able to let go and get to a space where you can quiet mind chatter, reducing the levels of stress hormones in your body and increasing the levels of happy hormones, helping you to raise your vibration and boost your health.

You get a moment in time to really check in with yourself and find a place of deep healing, for body, mind & soul via the vibrations from the instruments and the relaxing liminal, dreamlike place that the melody gently takes you to.

Yesterday we incorporated gongs, the harp, chimes and a myriad of bowls to bring about a symphony of grounding sound ahead of tomorrow’s new moon in Virgo ♍️ 🌙 and in line with the transition of Summer to Autumn 🌞 🍂

This divine Earth Gong plays at the Cosmic Frequency, emitting a beautiful, steadying sound and resonance that speaks to your lower chakras. An absolutely glorious way to feel into a sense of groundedness, security and confidence by boosting the root, sacral and solar plexus chakra points 💛

28th Aug 2021 by Mary Bello

Virgo Sun

✨ We’ve been under the Virgo sun for almost a week – are you feeling her grounded, earthy wave, my loves?

✨ This is such a beautiful sign to step into after fiery Leo season with all of her practical, focussed magic bringing a sense of calm.

✨ The archetype of the virgin and purity, Virgo is the sign of service, daily work and daily habits. If you’ve felt the urge to be more mindful, take up running, eat healthier, now is the perfect time to do it. It’s also a good time to revitalise your work habits and examine the little things in life that build up your day, reducing time spent on what doesn’t feed your soul and boosting time spent on that which brings you joy.

✨ The next month is also a good time to take stock of how you show up selflessly for others – we get out what we put in. Consider ways in which you can help – from random acts of kindness to volunteering or being there for a friend.

✨ The chakra that Virgo corresponds with is the root. Located at the base of our spine, this is our first chakra point. It tells us that we are safe and secure. A beautiful way to boost it is by walking in nature, kicking off your shoes and connecting your feet with the earth’s gloriously steadying energy (Virgo is one of the signs that loves communing with nature the most).

✨ If you want to raise your vibration with a little crystal magic during Virgo Szn, black tourmaline, black agate and obsidian are great for grounding whilst sodalite is wonderful for getting you on track day to day with the things you want to achieve.

Image by the amazing @helena.illustrated

25th Aug 2021 by Mary Bello

New residency at The Yoga Space London

So honoured to share that my beautiful harp and I (alongside some other wonderful instruments) will be taking people on a transcendent journey of healing, rest and relaxation as I begin my residency at the gorgeous Yoga Space London on September 5th. Visit their website if you would like to book a place 💛

22nd Aug 2021 by Mary Bello

Full Moon in Aquarius

Today welcomes the second full moon in Aquarius in a four week period – are you feeling its intensity? This is an unusual occurrence known as a blue moon, hence the saying, once in a blue moon… 🌙

This lunar moment is all about gratitude and belief in the divine. Aquarius wants us to consider our impact, connect to a higher power and believe in our own brand of personal magic.

🌕 Meditate on the theme of forgiveness and seeing things from the perspective of others. Send love to anyone who’s hurt you, wish them well. Forgive yourself for any missteps you’ve made, you’re only human…Make a gratitude list of all that’s good and shines light within your life. This will enable you to vibe higher inline with the egalitarian wavelength of Aquarius.

🌕 In the spirit of the first moon in Aquarius last month, continue cleaning house when it comes to your emotions – Aquarius wants to feel light (and as the sun enters the first degree of Virgo, it’s good to get in tune with that organised Virgoan energy!).
Consider the belief systems, relationships and ways of being that do not serve you. Taking the steps to let go, even if it’s painful, will pay dividends in the long run. Fear can keep you safe, maintaining a status quo that society deems ‘acceptable’ but it also keeps you stuck and stops you from taking wonderful, powerful leaps that can land you in a world that you love or at the very least, teach you that you’re stronger than you know!
And this emotional weeding out sends a message of clarity to the universe, the message that you’re prepared to make space for what you truly want. It paves the way for you to become wildly magnetic, for the intentions, dreams and lofty wishes from the new moon in Leo to start making their way to you.

🌕 Open up any boxes within which you’ve found you’re containing yourself. Peel back any labels and consider what makes you feel deep happiness.

🌕 Journal about what living authentically from your heart might look like and how heart led living can ripple outwards, positively impacting those around you.

🌕 Embrace all the things that are quirky, weird and wonderful about you.

Image by @hheininge

7th Aug 2021 by Mary Bello

The Lion's Gate portal

Tomorrow’s new moon in Leo is a beautifully significant lunar event – it’s the peak of the Lion’s Gate portal, when Earth and the Sirius star are aligned (the Sirius star is twice the size of the Sun, and shines 25 times brighter, forming part of the Canis Major constellation, sending us gloriously intense light and solar energy). This high point happens on the 8th of August. In numerology 8 signifies abundance, so 8/8th is an especially potent time for manifesting, setting intentions and following the whispers of your soul that are gently nudging you towards all that you can be. Below is an abundance practice to help you lean into the magic of this celestial moment…

💛 Lion’s Gate Abundance Practice 💛


✨Journal Journal Journal

Write with a big Leo energy lean! What ignites your soul, what makes you feel fire in your belly? What are your greatest qualities? What do you want to amplify in your life – what do you want more of? How can you show up in your most authentic light?

Sunday night…

✨ Create a little sacred space for yourself with candles, flowers, plants and crystals – citrine, pyrite, jade and rainbow fluorite are wonderful for this practice.

✨ Meditate for 8 minutes at 8pm on all of the abundance in your life. Really allow yourself to feel the joy that these things bring you.

✨ Write down your wildest dreams, desires, things you want to achieve – write them down as though they have already come to pass. Dream outside of the box, dream big, dream loud.

✨ Spend 8 minutes visualising your dreams, desires and goals. Visualise yourself achieving them, feel the joy in them coming to fruition.

✨ Follow up with something high vibe that makes you feel good – movement, calling a friend, sketching, cuddling up to a loved one- whatever makes you feel happy, do that!